Reviews and media

radio adelaide: 6 December 2015

James chats with Radio Adelaide about why The Handbook is a unique resource for Australians.

3RRR The grapevine

Jane and Dylan Bird talk on the radio (from 1:45:18) about who will get hurt by climate change and what we can do about it.

Australian book review: October 2015

Ruth A Morgan writes that "It is one thing to acknowledge that climate change will affect our way of life, but it is another to read, in painstaking detail, what that might really mean". A wonderful, in-depth review that really comes to grips with what The Handbook is trying to do (you'll need an ABR subscription to read the whole thing).

today tonight adelaide: 21 September

James goes up against some 'crackpots' with pendulums in his efforts to save us from the apocalypse. Also features a beautiful Earthship in the Adelaide Hills.

right now: 16 september

Right Now, the magazine of human rights in Australia, say that "Rawson and Whitmore manage to balance the apocalyptic tone by injecting the book with enough humour and faith in the power of community building. Readers will come away from the book with enough hope that they will be able to navigate whatever is coming their way by taking individual action and reaching out to their neighbours."

the nt news: 13 september

Emma Reynolds lays out the rules for surviving the end of the world, using The Handbook as her guide.

blue wolf reviews: 10 september

Janet Mawdesly from Blue Wolf describes The Handbook as an intelligent look at what is happening to our world climate and the many things you can do to be well prepared and help yourself, and is pleased to see some of hte suggestions are completely free.

the fifth estate: 3 september 2015

James spoke with the Fifth Estate about dealing with things beyond your control, tiny houses, and what we can learn from World War II.

sydney morning herald: 30 August 2015

In an in-brief write-up, Thuy On notes our debt to Douglas Adams.

launceston examiner: 26 august

Martin Stevenson takes aim at 'bike-riding skinny latte sippers [and] Melbourne-based world-warming worrywart authors Jane Rawson and James Whitmore' in his marvellous mocking of The Handbook.

ANZ Lit lovers: 25 august 2015

"This is a fantastic book! Get yourself a copy! Will you believe me if I say that I picked it up The Handbook late last night after I had finished reading Patricia Grace’s Cousins just to have a look at the introduction before turning out the light, and found myself reading the entire book instead?  It’s true.  I couldn’t stop reading it…" Lisa Hill of ANZ Lit Lovers reviews The Handbook

Wild magazine: 21 August 2015

Jane spoke with Wild about how people should start preparing, and what The Handbook's most important message is.

The Handbook on Radio National: 17 August 2015

James and Jane talk to Patricia Karvelas at RN Drive about where to live, how to stay sane and whether external blinds are a rubbish idea. Listen now or download for later.